Certification platform maintenance message

When i login to the certification platform getting a message that there maintenance is going on for 9:00 hrs and do not start any exams now. Any idea when the maintenance work will be over

@loginerror @Pablito please help him

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@vpathy1234 @sandeep13,
Thank you for information. There is maintenance going on the website. Our team is working to bring everything back as soon as they can. I will update this this thread as soon as I will have any more information :slight_smile:

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Thanks Pablito

Iā€™m back with some information. Seems that website is working now :slight_smile:. There is also information that tomorrow there will be planned downtime for the website.


Hello Team, Still the certification platform shows under maintenance after the scheduled timings.

Please let us know when will the site be back up and running?