Certification new exam

Good day . I am new to UIpath and I’ve gone through the prescribed learning path to become certified unfortunately I did not pass the new exam … any suggestions on how to prepare for the second chance any tools and materials are welcomed the academy does not provide enough training

Dear Thavha,

I am sorry to see that you have failed your first attempt at taking the exam and I understand how frustrating that might feel. I appreciate your desire to get more detailed information.

For your 2nd attempt, we strongly recommend using your score report as guidance to understand what are the areas in which you have scored low and you need to prepare more. Start with the 2 exam descriptions and practice tests that are available on our program page and also check out the 2 blog posts that you can find at the bottom of the page, these should help you a lot in identifying what you need to study to better prepare. The score report is a great starting point for that and you can certainly use it to improve on the sections where you did not perform so well.

Hope this helps.