Certification Exam score issue

I have cleared my certification exam. It only shows certified. No scores. Does anyone else have same issue?


Congrats @Nidhi.goyal :grinning:

Are you talking about certification in certificate.uipath.com site ?

If yes then it won’t show score and just it will show like pass or Failed as status.


Can you send a screenshot of your certificate? and what training did you complete?


If this about the Level 1-2 training, you can check it once only and this only occurs after you finish your test. In Level 3, you can check the scores of each assignment submission by going to the 3. Assignment no. 1 in Calculate Client Security Hash and Assignment no. 2 if Generate Yearly Report.

Yes@lakshman. I am talking about [certificate.uipath.com]. I have completed all 3 uipath academy courses,then cleared the final theoretical and practical exam in first attempt on certificate.uipath.com. Curious to see the score but it say Certified. Thank you

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No, I am talking about this. I have already completed these 3 levels before my certification exam.

Hi @Nidhi.goyal

Many congratulation for your certification :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to see your score if you passed the exam, marks will only visible if someone get failed.



It won’t show any score and just it will show like pass or Failed as status.

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