Certification Completed

Hi All, Thanks for all your support and replies, with your help / guidelines, I was able to complete my UiPath Certification on 2020-02-20.
Now, someone guide me for next step of action, so that I can change my career line as an UiPath Developer. Thanks in advance.

@vinay8584 I would suggest you to start developing simple processes available in public domain. Also, watch forum closely. Get more knowledge and start giving interviews, Surely, you will get into it.

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Thanks Sugumar8785, but where can i find this public domain to start developing simple processes ?

@vinay8584 You just have to play around some basic applications like calculator, command prompt. websites like Flipkart, NSE, Amazon.etc…

Also, explore the Datatables, Datetime, Excel activities, image based.

I started automation with Timesheet booking. If you have access to company sites or application that you use in project, just explore those as well.

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Got it :slight_smile: :+1: