Certificate workflow problem

i’m having some issue completing the certificate. The problem is that when i scrape the table and extract the table, i put it in a table(dt_WorkItems) and then for each row i check for determinate lines if they are present in the table, but it doesn’t recognize the lines even if they are present!

This is the content of the dt_WorkItems

this is the for each row activity

this the condition

two things are possible
–one either the datatable is not extracted if so kindly check with that with output datatabe and write line activity and check whether table is getting displayed with data
–We need to check with the conditions only @Mustafa_Hamed
if possible can we see the conditions
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

Those are the conditions


you are actually right only buddy
we wont get any data for this condition based on this
CINT(row(“WIID”)) < 700000
because the one less than 700000 has no GENERATE YEARLY REPORT FOR VENDOR as description
see @Mustafa_Hamed


Ok but in the other pages there are transaction that meet this condition. But i guess it doesn’t goes to the other pages and don’t know why :upside_down_face:

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i hope you would have used data scrapping
did the next button was clicked ( > button ) while performing data scrapping
kindly check that once
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

i’ve done that. Can i share with you the data scraping workflow?

yah a screenshot if possible
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

and this is dynamicSelector

And this is the gettransactiondata

kindly share the whole xaml if possible - a zipped folder
would like to see the arguments been passed
Cheers @Mustafa_Hamed

Here it is @Palaniyappan workItem.zip (510.1 KB)

@Palaniyappan did you had the time to see the workflow?