Certificate for Orchestrator

I’m trying to install Orchestrator, but get stuck with a missing certificate. Certificate for what? Where could I get one?

Hi @jkyottila,
This is part where IIS for Orchestrator is configured. It’s certificate for www (https). Please contact with our Technical Support.

Hi @jkyottila

Go to run and type mmc and do check the certificate is available or not



I however do not know what certificate to check?



Hi @jkyottila

Check this steps below

Save the new Certificate (Orchestrato.pfx)
Install certificate in local user
Right Click è Install PFX
Click Next
Browse the certificate path stored in the local è Click Next è Password - 12345
Select Place all Certificates in the following store è Trusted Root Certification Authorities
Click Next è Finish
Install Certificate for local machine
Open Microsoft Management Console (Run è MMC.EXE)
In MMC, File è Add or Remove Snap
Select “Certificates”
Select “Computer account”
Click “Next”
Click “Finish” è Click ‘OK’
Click “Certificates” è “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” è “Certificates”
More Action è All Tasks è Import
Select the certificate from local path è Password - 12345
Click Next and Finish
Restart the UiPath service in Services.msc
Ensure if the BOT is in Available status in the DEV orchestrator. ?

Ashwin S

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