Certificate exam results

I submitted my (2nd attempt) practical exercise code this morning (6/27). It’s more than 8 hours and so far I haven’t seen the result yet. I’ve been checking every hour. Is there something else that I need to do?

Can I get a response from the Gods at uipath.

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me too


Currently site was down. I request you to wait some time and then check once.

I wrote a bot in Uipath to do that for me.:joy::joy::joy:. It logs in every hour and send me an email if it sees a result.

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Great :pray::pray:

I’m now certified!:pray::pray:


Congrats @savantsa :grinning:

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Excuse me, In practice exam that is not used credential orchestrator so I would like to know that Can use window credential for sending result exam?



You can store credentials either Orchestrator Assets or Windows credential manager.


On Linkedin, when you add a certificate, it asks for a URL.What URL can I give? Normally it is verifyskilljar or acclaim websites that store your certificates for online verification. Is there a similar way for UiPath certificates?

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me too yeah thank you @lakshman

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I just saw that the link to our connect.uipath.com profile has all the information! They have already taken care of it.:+1:

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