Certificate exam failed with a working project

First of all I want to start by saying that I have read the grading scheme before I started the exam, the annotations, no ambiguous variable names etc.

The topic says it all actually, The project works, outputs exactly what it needs to output. I can maybe understand some of those criterias that I have failed but definitely not all. Lets take the first one into consideration, I have created the project from the uipath studio via “Robotic Enterprise Framework” under the “new from template”. If this project doesn’t have all the .xaml files required for the REFramework, that is on uipath, not me. Second criteria, I did changed the TransactionItem variable type as stated in the question and validated the project up until I got no validation errors due to changed variable type. Third one, if I don’t meet this criteria and put an in argument instead of out, the project wouldn’t even work, are you kidding me? The list goes on and don’t want to bore you to death to all my justification but either I shit the bed somewhere along the project or if not, this does not feel right.

Hey Ruhat_Sengul, I’m sorry you have this problem.
I encourage you to review this thread (Evaluation for UiPath Certification Exam Pending), specifically in the post of September 4, which indicated the problems that I had and how I could solve it, to finally get the approved one and consequently my certificate.

I hope it helps you. Greetings and encouragement.


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