Certificate Exam Criteria

I did not pass the certification exam for the following reasons:

  1. Use robotic enterprise framework
  2. check transaction item variable and argument data types
  3. check optimal usage of navigation techniques
  4. Check for renaming activities
  5. check for excel appendrange configuration
  6. check for synchronizing ui when navigating pages.

I understand it is an automatic process that checks our code for grading. So my questions are:

  1. About using Reframework: I definitely used REFramework. What else do I need to do to satisfy this condition. Is there some place where I need to announce that I am using the Reframework?
  2. The instructions clearly asked that TransactionItem datatype should be a string. Which I did. What else do I need to do? If the arguments datatype are not correct, the bot won’t work, right? So before coming to the conclusions that it does, does the bot that checks our code validate the xaml files and run it at least once or not?
  3. Define “optimal” usage of navigation techniques. My bot runs correctly and it does the job correctly. What else is optimal to the bot that grades our code?
  4. About renaming the activities, when there are hundreds of activities, I chose to rename the most important ones and those that would benefit from renaming from a readability point of view. There is no end to this. How many activities need to be renamed and what is the criteria that the automated process uses to determine this?
  5. Excel AppendRange configuration: I have not even used this particular activity. I used used a writerange activity. So why do I get this reason?
  6. About “synchronizing ui”, what does that mean? My bot navigates to the correct pages correctly. In fact, in this particular case, all it has to do is, ;login to the site, check for dashboard image, go to workitems page and simply go through page after page while scraping the data from each page. In the end, it closes by logging out and close tab. In this context, what exactly does synchronizing mean?

Just want to make sure the criteria for evaluating the code is practical and useful for the industry at large, not just to satisfy some automated process.

@Andreia_Ciocanel, Can you please look into this for me? It will be so much more helpful than the other responses I see for similar topics.

Hi, @savantsa

  1. You don’t need to announce anywhere that you are using ReFramework
  2. I don’t know what exercise you had at the certification. It depends on the requirements of the exercise.
  3. You can download the grading scheme by logging into certificate.uipath.com. There you will see multiple details on how the grading is done
  4. As a good practice, each activity should be renamed in order to properly show what it does or what is it’s role. There is no criteria, only a good practice in doing this
  5. I don’t quite understand what do you mean with the question. Could you please elaborate?
  6. Please read : https://studio.uipath.com/docs/ui-automation

The criteria is based on some best practices mentioned in all along in the course. For example, some are mentioned in the documentation:

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@savantsa Just to add to what @Andreia_Ciocanel said, if you got the dispatcher and performer exercise then it is mandatory that you use Queues, all the usual suspects like best practices (annotations, renaming of activities (I know this is debatable when there are hundreds but here it is limited number), modular structure {reusing a repetitive action/workflow, descriptive variable naming, variable initialization etc., these can be found in instructions excel before starting the exam })

Better not to modify the REF too much (purely my opinion), and after logging out use close application which acts as cleanup.

Regards :slight_smile:

PS : I followed the above when passing hence the opinionated answer :smiley:

Hi @Andreia_Ciocanel,

Thank you for responding.
2. The exercise clearly asked that I change the transactionitem data type to string and I did that and the whole bot is working. So I don’t understand why that is a reason for failure.
5. I don’t understand either. The failed reason clearly said “check for excel appendrange configuration”. What I am saying is I didn’t even use that particular activity and still got the job done with a writerange activity. The instructions never specified that I should use only the appendrange activity. So I don’t understand what I should do differently the next time to pass the exam.

To your point about dispatcher and performer, there is no way I can use the orchestrator because I was clearly asked to define TransactionItem as a String. Not queue item.

About renaming activities, I am still trying to understand the significance of the number 2 in the message. “Check for renaming activities, 2” Sorry I did not include the number 2 in the original post. But it has a number 2. What might that be about?

@Andreia_Ciocanel, Another question: When I make the next attempt, will I get the same exercise, expecting me to fix the issues from the previous attempt or will it be a different exercise?


For every attempt, task will change.

Thanks Lakshman. That’s what I thought too. I’m getting ready for that eventuality.

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ok. All the best bro :slight_smile:

Hi, @savantsa
My guess is you had 2 activities which needed to be renamed, but I am not sure.
About the certification exam, I don’t know the exact requirements you had, so I can not give you an opinion/idea of what went wrong. If you follow good practices and apply the same principles/organization/way of working that are stated in the practice exercises in Level 3 - advanced, there should be no problem in passing the certification exam.

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