Ceritification site issue

Hi Everyone,

I’m attempting to finish my certification but I keep getting the message that the site is down for maintenance. It says one hour but it has been like this since 8 am, anyone know when it will be back up?

Thanks Tony

Hello @Anthonyp210,

Mine is working fine, see my screenshot. Can you try deleting your browser cookies and that stuff and then try again?

HI @Anthonyp210

It’s working for me as well.

Clean your browser history and try. If that doesn’t work, you can try with a different browser as well…

It seems the site is still the same @Anthonyp210 … May be there is some maintainance of the sites is going on, Please try later . May be tomorrow :wink:

Nope @Lahiru.Fernando , when we login into certificate.uipath.com , the pop up comes up saying the maintainance. Please try login :slight_smile:

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Oops… Sorry… My bad… I thought this was the Academy site we are referring to… I checked that because the tagging says Academy :rofl::rofl:

The certification site gives out a pop up as you said :slight_smile:

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Same thing, I though he was talking about Academy. Yes, try in a few hours, sometimes it takes more than expected. It should be back by tomorrow.


The first reply I posted was Its working for me :laughing: then i realize it is about certificate site @rmunro and @Lahiru.Fernando

Cool guys :smile:


Sorry for the confusion, yes I meant the certification site. OK, looks like it may not be up till tomorrow. Blah!!

Thanks everyone,

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I would suggest you to complete the Level 3 assignments in Academy.uipath.com before taking the exams so that it will be easy in the certification exam.

have you completed those two assignments :slight_smile: ?

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Yup, all done there. Just need to go through the certification at this point. Trying to be done before Aug 1st. :crossed_fingers::pray:

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