Centralized Workflow Analyzer and Fixer

With current development Workflow Analyzer in the studio only shows the potential errors in the project. But if I have to fix something as suggested in the Error list, I have to go to that Workflow to make the necessary changes.


I am not sure if it is already in place, but if developers can get the option in above highlighted area (dropdown) to fix minutiae details in their project, like changing Argument/Variable names as per Naming Conventions and Activity Name Defaults, it will be great help. :slight_smile:

+1. Was really hoping the WF Analyzer would deep-link to the problem activity. This would be useful for resolving issues with default/conflicting activity names, missing output parameters, and almost every other warning, error, and suggestion from the analyzer. I would be willing to bet that UIPath is working on this now, and the WF analyzer will work more like the Visual Studio error list in the future.


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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