Centralised Orchestrator Deployment




I am writing to enquire if anyone has a centralised Orchestrator deployment. For example, Deploying your Orchestrator & SQL in United Kingdom and having robots in the EMEA, US and Asia Pacific regions. I have heard several reason for and against the architecture deployment relating to latency.

Could some please help me understand the latency implications for this type of deployment? As an example my network has a high performance 1Gbps circuit which connects our US (where the robot would be located) and UK DC (where Orch and SQL DB are located). The latency between the bot and orch will be 110ms RTT). If there is a concern with latency, what is the trigger figure?

I understand in a large deployment it would be advisable to have and orch per region, however we are only at the beginning on our RPA journey.

Thanks in Advance,