Cell sorting by column

I have an excel workbook filled with names from different sources, but they are not sorted evenly. I want to know if there is any way to check each column of the workbook to see if a column contains the same name as another, and if it does, move that cell and cell next to moved cell.

For example, if A column contains a name from E column, move that rows E and F cells to the row where A columns name was found, in column C and D (next to the name). If nothing was found, do same thing but with B column and check if a name from F column exists. If it does, move E and F column on that row to found names row in the C and D column.

A bit messy, but I can not think of/find any other way to sort these name since they are of different amount and also in two different languages.

Please teach me if there is any solution!
Thank you

Hey @Robert_Wennberg

Can you please upload the excel file here?


Of course!
Names.xlsx (21.5 KB)