Cell range is not changing in write cell activity


I have used cell address formula in excel, once i enter Yes in B2 it’s reference will auto increment by one cell to C2. It is changing in excel but when I use in write cell activity resume is capturing only in B2 cell repeatedly.
I am not able understand why it is happening.
Please check attached screenshot.
I have used write cell activity and in cell range I am using Row(14). tostring

Hi @Pravin_S

I think you are saying like if u write Yes in B2 automatically it should write in C2 as well via excel formula right, but not working via uipath?

Yes correct

where is the formula written , in B2 or in C2 cell?

Formula is written in O column for cell range, condition is if I get city in map then I have to mention Yes in B column otherwise No. So I created formula in excel for range it is automatically getting cell range. Once data is enter in B2 then range will increment to C2 in O column similarly if we enter in C2 then range will change to D2.