Cell format and read range Activities


  1. I am tring to use cell format to highlighte rows which match some condition Ex: if timearound time > 365 the row should be higlited
    It work it inside the excel sheet put when i read the range and put the table in email body the highlight is diappear .

  2. Another issue how can i resize table inside email body.

Kindly advise



For Highlighting first you need to loop and check the condition then you can use Set Range Color activity to highlight the row

As you have build the table in HTML, they you can check to resize the table inside emailbody, check below link for more on resizing of HTML tables

Hope this may help you



  1. If you format color in excel…read range will not read the format…it would take only the values…while creating html table you have to use your conditions and format the row you need accordingly
  2. In the html properties you have to change the values of table height or other properties as you need


Is there any way to loop through datatable to color specific rows after use read range .cuz i need to put this table as email body


As stated above…If you need in email any changes in excel will not effect your datatable…you have to edit the html table directly as you need