CE Studio and studio Pro messed up

I have been using CE Studio for a month now but when I opened my project today it opened in Studio Pro!!??
I removed Studio from my computer, downloaded it again and installed it, but it is still Studio Pro version??
I tried to run my program anyway but it failed because (it seems) chrome extension is not compatible with Studio Pro, so I removed it from Chrome. But when I looked installation instructions

I noticed that I can’t do it because it is for Studio and not for Studio pro.
So I’m stuck!!!

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I don’t have a solution, but this may help:

As we are gradually rolling out Studio 20.4, we are also updating the Community licenses so that everyone has access to all the Studio features

See the fourth paragraph of the UiPath Community 20.4 Preview Release, posted on Apri1, 2020.

I’m not sure how that would lead to you apparently now having Studio Pro, but I hope this helps.

Good luck!

Hi @pauli.isoaho

Welcome to out UiPath Forum :slight_smile:

The latest community version (20.4) is now on par with features with the Studio Pro.

Main point here is that everything should work with that 20.4.0 version.

I would suggest a clean installation of your Studio to resolve any potential issues.

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Hi @loginerror,

is there an overview of the features of Studio Pro? Currently i lost the overview about the namings of the Sutdio versions. Studio X is clear for me, but what is Studio Pro? Is it the “old” Studio just renamed or are there other differences?

Kind regards

Hi @schwarzp

Studio Pro is basically Studio on steroids. It’s a license for Enterprises that comes with extra testing capabilities.

However, we are extremely thankful to our users for their feedback and support and made all those extra features that come with Studio Pro available for Community Edition Studio for free (within the standard license restrictions for Community Edition of course).

A full comparison of all features will be released soon as well, so that it will be all clear.