CC send mail from Gsuite application scope

Hi everyone,

While using Send mail from Gsuite application scope, I can’t send mail in CC hidden.

Do you know how to send mail and hide the people you are sending it to ?


@Pierre_PARIS, not sure if i understand you correctly but you can use the BCc field in the mail property to copy people but others will not see who else is copied in the mail

Yes it should but it’s not working, is it working on your side ?
Can you show me your parameters ?



What do you mean its not working, is it giving you an error or it doesn’t blind copy people?

It should look like this:


It doesn’t blind copy people

@Pierre_PARIS, okay. I will test it and will let you know if it works from my side

@Pierre_PARIS, It works perfectly.


Thanks for this !
But I’m using send mail from Gsuite Application scope

@Pierre_PARIS, its basically the same thing, the only difference is that Gsuit mail takes an Array of string, and outlook takes a string. see an example for Gsuit

and to make your code neat, use variables instead of parsing in emails like i did. that is not recommended at least not for production bots