Cav to excel

Can anyone help me on copying csv file into excel without change in format.

While I am trying to read and write it is converting some columns into text format.

Hi @pari_patel

Try to read the CSV file with read range (inside Excel Application Scope) and write the output using write range (Excel Application Scope)

How should it work? Inside excel scope, it will allow to read only xlsx files.

First Copy the full path of the file. You can do it by selecting the file and from the tool bar option select copy path.

Paste this path in excel scope. And you are good to go.

Sorry but not understanding what you are saying. If possible please provide me sample file. thanks


Give it a try


Thank You @kumar.varun2 This is working. One more help needed on Excel, If I want to filter columns and then remove rows, What is the flow and what activities I can use here?

See below Sample, I want to filter this column A and remove the rows of entire sheet which has #N/A Value.

likewise I have to perform more filters in one sheet.

If you can help that would be great.

Thank You again


You can use the Filter Data Table Activity for this. Filter out the values which are empty.
You can use LINQ to filter the Data Table

For your reference

Four Ways to Filter Data Tables in UiPath Studio | UiPath

Also, since this topic is closed, please raise it in a separate topic.

Thanks for sharing but in my case, it is not working.
Reason: My #N/A values generated from VLOOKUP.

Any suggestion how should I remove those?

Share the excel file sample

Sample.xlsx (13.1 KB)
See attached.

Hi @pari_patel

You can use the filter data table activity like this

I did try before, but because of formula is there then it is giving some number value(ex: -12345786) after removing #N/A.

I want to filter #N/A and remove the rows.

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