Catering for Outlook "safe mode" prompt

Hi guys

I am getting this screen I need to cater for when opening Outlook (I just need to be able to click “no”):


How can I factor this in to a process, when I am unable to replicate the screen on my local/where my Studio is so I can get a selector?

Currently, the above screenshot is from within a remote desktop connection manager.

@Sheri - Try to replicate the process by killing the Outlook process from task manager. Then restart Outlook and check if this message box pops up.

We’ve tried that unfortunately. Just can not get it to replicate on the local!

@Sheri - Hmm. Ok, you can try to add different plugins to outlook and pray that Outlook takes too much time to open with these plugins and then you kill Outlook while it is still trying to start. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Not really a viable option for the business unfortunately.

We will keep investigating.