Catch error opening word file on WordApplicationScope

I’m using WordApplicationScope activity to open a word file and then output its content inside an string without problems. With some files I got an error that break my execution flow, I need to catch that error and go to the next activity. I’ve tried with try and catch activity without success.
The error I’m getting is the next one:

Ámbito de aplicación de Word: Office detectó un problema con este archivo. Este archivo no se puede abrir con el fin de proteger su equipo.
(C:\Users…\CVPatricioRamos Abap.doc)

in english would be some like that:

Word Scope: Office detected a problem with this file. This file cannot be opened in order to protect your computer.
(C: \ Users… \ CVPatricioRamos Abap.doc)

hope you can help me to catch that error without breaking the activities flow

maybe it came from a different network or internet, right click those documents on the robot machine to see if the properties have the Unlock button.

I’ve solved this, in the catch block, I had to add an exception of type System.Exception, then flow doesn’t interrupt

oh ok, i misread your post, thought you want to try to not have the errors :slight_smile:

anyways thanks for read and trying to help ! have a nice day man

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