Catch a element that it have several pattern

There is an element that it have several pattern:when the screen from A to B,
sometime it won’t appear in B screen,sometime it would appear quickly in B screen,but sometimes it would load with several minutes and then appear.
How can I imply in uipath and judge if it exists.return a boolen.

Use On Element Appear or try using Element Exists activity and see if you can handle your pattern

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if it don’t appear ,On Element Appear would throw an exception

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Will if you want a Boolean return use ElementExists.
It suits your requirement and will return a boolean which you can check

what if it load with several minutes and then appear.

like you said you want the logic to check it there or not.
If you want to wait till it loads then you can add a time out for findElement or element exists :slight_smile:

Hi Jimmy - As @nadim.warsi that’s one way to find the element.
I am not sure if this is the best approach.
If you are sure if the the element will exists after some constant time, you can use a loop to check for the element for every 1 minute and exit the loop once the constant time is over or if the element is found. And display message no element found.

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