Catastrophic failure

I want to navigate to a particular URL, But when i run the file i’m getting a catastrophic error. Help please ?

can you try to run it in debug mode? debug mode shows u which activity your error has occurred.

Its throwing an error in the navigate to activity. BillPayment_URL is the url i want to navigate to

Can you check if the URL is working manually @shibani?

yes. it is working manually

Please try with some other browser ? @shibani

and also can you post the entire error you are getting?

I’ve done the same :sweat_smile:
I have passed Config from the main file into the open dewa xaml file as in_config.
and in open dewa i have created a variable called config.

try assigning the argument in_Config = Config(“BillPayment_URL”).toString inside ur invoke import argument instead. then ur navigate to replace with in_Config.

Its actually working fine on IE of another PC, but showing an error in the IE on my PC. Do u think it has something to do with IE versions ? manually, the URL is working on both the PCs

Hi @shibani

Could you add a simple Assign activity and assign the config value to a variable that you will then pass in the Navigate To activity (kind of like suggested by @MythicGold)?

I wonder if the dictionary could be the culprit here somehow.

Hi @shibani

Try using the argument itself as in_config("…URL").ToString in OpenDewa and check if that works.
Can you also share the screen shot of the Arguments panel in OpenDewa workflow ?