Casting Object List<String>


I’m in a situation where im trying to build a data structure for a task.
My initial idea is to add the process data to a dictionary and pass it through the process while retrieving the data needed.

My dictionary is of type <String, Object>.
I have a list of properties initiated like this: new List(of String).
I add properties as string using the Add To Collection activity.
Then i try to iterate of over the properties using a for each, which is where the problem is.

How can i cast from Object back to List(of String) with values from the dictionary to use in a For Each activity?


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Hi @nilschr

Does this property of the For Each activity help you solve the issue?
I am not sure if I understood it correctly.


I figured i could use DirectCast, doing something like this:

myList = DirectCast(myDictionary(“myListObject”), List(Of String, String))

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It works fo me