Case sensitive subject name

Hi, I am reading the specific subject of the email with the condition I just give Invoice but it’s reading invoice if there is an invoice in the subject it’s won’t read, so can you please tell me how I can read if there is Invoice and invoice in the subject.


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Do you have any variable that stores the value of invoice
Cheers @balkishan

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you can always put something like this:

Subject.Contains(“Invoice”) OR Subject.Contains(“invoice”)


Why don’t you mention it as

subject.contains(“Invoice”) or Subject.contains(“invoice”)


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No bro I have subject in the mail, so I am reading the Invoice/invoice only from the subject line.
but sometime it come invoice and sometime Invoice.
so I mentioned in the condition is Invoice. but it’s not reading the invoice only it read the Invoice.

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Okay Okay I will try it bro

Or to be simple
And precise
Single step
Cheers @balkishan

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