Capturing webpage table on SAP Fiori App


I am trying to populate data in SAP Fiori app’s line item details table. Well I am able to add data up to 5 rows, but after that on scrolling down the old row is hidden and new row is shown (With same id as the last row of 5 rows shown on the UI).

What is the best way to capture the dynamic tables with scrolling on web page (Data scraping isn’t working as it has table inside table).

Please do let me know best possible way to get selectors for such requirements.

@nikhilbansal18 First thing i would suggest is to check if there is any back end SQL or data insert to SAP available , so that we can update the whole data in one go

Using Uipath , Going in loops and after every 5th row doing a page down to get the next 5 set of rows