Capturing Server Request/Response Event

Hello Everyone,

I’ve a scenario in which once a user fills out a particular form (UI) that consists of different fields and clicks on the submit button, request is sent to the server and a grid/table below the form gets updated with a new record with the field values submitted in the form. The request is only sent to the server when all the validations are successful on different fields, or otherwise different validation messages pop up for the user.

I would need my bot to detect the click activity on the submit button only when it results in a request being sent to the server, so that it could, afterwards, scrap the data (new record) from the grid. If I use Click Trigger activity on the submit button, my bot will fail for those scenarios in which the user receives validation messages, as the request wouldn’t be sent to the server in such situations and there wouldn’t be a new record created in the grid for it to scrap. I’m not sure how to setup my bot to detect ONLY those events that result in the request being sent to the server/grid being updated with the new record. Please advise.

Hello @Kriti,

First you must validate data that you receive from. I guess data may come from excel then you start automating your requirement.
could you please send link so we can visit and suggest you better by making sample workflow?