Capture website page images from data table of urls

Hello UIP Heros,
I have a csv file with urls. I want to go to each one and capture an image of their home page. I have a chrome extension that will capture and save the images with a couple of hotkey strokes. My problem is getting the For Each right. Sorry, just joined and system won’t let me upload the .xaml file, so I will describe it below.

So far I am Reading CSV and creating a DataRow output called “website” within a workflow. Then, in a new step, I Open Chrome Browser and in the url box of UIP, I put the variable “website” from the last step (This is probably where I am wrong). Then for the Do container, I say, For Each Row in “website” (probably another error) send the following Hotkeys to save the website image using the chrome extension.

That’s where I’m at. I’ll keep working on it and wait to hear. Thanks.

p.s. the extension is called FireShot if you want to try this out

I figured out that the main problem seems to be that my data table variable from csv cannot be converted to a string to go into the search window. Any suggestions?

Can you share the screenshot of your work?

System won’t let me upload yet because I am a rookie

I could send it in an email?

Test email attach.

inputDilogue.xaml (18.6 KB)

Just curious, when you are replying via email don’t you have attach option?

Trying now…

Main.xaml (8.59 KB)

It worked

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Try something like this:


That’s working. Thank you.