Capture the name of an XML file and save it in another location

The process is as follows: I download some reports and save them to me (DO_201946579846) and I need to stay (DO) apart I need to keep them in a folder that I have on the desk, but the problem is that I don’t know how to do to capture me the text and have it changed.

I used the copy file and the get text, but I think I’m using them badly :frowning:

could someone give me an example to see it better

The process is as follows: the robot downloads some reports that come with the name (DO_201946579846 the numbers always change) and I need to save that xml file with the name (DO) apart, I need to save them in a folder that I have on the desktop

In this second image it is assumed that with the get text I should capture the text of the file, but it does not, it only takes me the location in the download folder

What they recommended to me to be able to change the name of the file was to use a copy file giving it the fian path with the name I want (DO)

that’s how the copy file is formulated

I don’t know if it’s better understood like that jajajaja