Capture the images of a web carousel

I try to download or take a screenshot of each one of the images of the web carousel of the following page I have been using js injection but still nothing, I would appreciate any help.


Try using for each ui element activity and then use take screenshot inside it and try passing current element as the input element for take screenshot


Do a For Each UI Element on the dots

  • If not first dot - Click element
  • For Each UI Element on the images
    – take screenshot
    – save image

Also, the fact that the carousel auto-rotates is going to be a problem. Each iteration of FEUE that’s saving the images will have to complete before the carousel goes to the next one.

I was able to download the images through js code injection to extract the urls, pass it in an array and then use an http request to download each one, this will allow if there are future modifications to the web, it will always extract the elements from the web carousel. Thanks anyway to all.


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