Capture particular data from Multiple Word files and append in a single line in notepad

Hi RPA buddies!

Requirement: Consider there are 6-word document files

In all document, there is like 5 key-value pairs

I want to check whether Name is Krishna then retrieve all other information but only values excluding Krishna

Like that, I want to iterate all the word document files And capture the values and write to Notepad file

The output should be appended to a Notepad file

What I have done is I used Screen Scrapping tool and I captured only the values
separate separately from each word document and joined in the flowchart and it’s worked but it’s like manual process Is there any alternative solution

@aksh1yadav @balupad14 bro hope u will provide a solution soon

Thanks in advance bro’s

@aksh1yadav any updates?

System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(“Word File FolderPath”)


Hope my inputs are useful

I think this is for only iterating the files, not for capturing particular data in all files

Can you upload one of the files?
Since screen scraping can be little bit off sometimes, i would use something to read all the words from the file and use Regex (if the files follow the same pattern) to extract the things i need