Capture Multiple Images with same Anchor - Image Recording

Hi! I’m new to RPA and I have a question. I’m not sure if this is possible but I wanted to ask anyway.

I’m trying to capture images of text from a plug in called WAVE and all of the text images have the same anchor (a check mark box). I was wondering if it was possible to just find the anchor wherever it is on the screen and whatever text is adjacent to it can be captured and sent to UIPath as a variable.

I’ve been doing it one check mark at a time and it’s gotten quite long and redundant.

If you could possibly be able to send an explanation or example, it’ll be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I believe you can do Anchor by image (Same kind of image - Check box) for locating elements.

Points to be noted (Hope clear your queries):

  1. Image recognition by UiPath is performed by Position of the element. In this case, if your screen size or settings changed your code may not work.
  2. As it is locating by position and Image it will take much time to locate that element/ Image.
  3. Image recognition accuracy is low. You should use only at worst case.

If this answer is not clear, please share the code and screen shot.