Capture ItemInformationColletion from a queue (A) straight to a queue (B)

how to capture the item information collection from one queue to pass it in full to another without having to deal with one by one, I thought about using the ItemInformationCollection, but I don’t know how to get the item information in this format

Hi @joao_adelio1

You need to use get Transaction Item activity.
You will get the item in Variable: TransactionItem for example
Now to read the information from the queue item:
Add Assign activity:
Set your String variable on the left side
And on the right side set: TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Hier you have to set the name of the column which is save in Orchestrator”).ToString


MyString = TransactionItem.SpecificContent("FirstName").ToString

so I would have to capture item by item and then add it to the other queue that I want and there are about 40 items, is there any way I can get the 40 at once from one queue to move to another?

You have then to add your data to the first queue as DataTable.
And then you can get them as DataTable in one activity.

have an example of how to do?

You have your variables at the beginning.
Create DataTable and these variables in it.
For each queue item you need to add this DataTable to the queue.
Now you want to get the item from queue.
Get also the data as DataTable.

Unfortunately I don’t have an example for that now.