Capture data to write to excel

How to access link by link (430 links) and capture only a part of a text to write inside an excel?

Notes: The links are in an excel column. I am able to access link by link with a for each row. Using Screen Scraping brings what I need from a certain link but I can not export to an excel. After that, I will place within a for each row the codes that I look for within the 430 links.

In short: how do I store in excel what I capture from screen scraping?

HI @victorfrs

Based on your description, I believe that you are having the results which you need to write into an excel in a set of variables… am I right?

And you want to get those values in those variables to an excel right?


After you getting the desired values from the link and storing it in the variables, you can build a datatable, add these values to the datatable and then write to the excel file as shown in the below screenshot.


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando , exactly. I created a loop to access the links, I need to read information from each link and create a single column in excel with the information I capture from each link.

Hi @victorfrs!

Since you already created a loop to access the links, what you have to do next is use Get Text activity to get the information you needed.
Please make sure that you create a data table first(before the loop) to store the information. The data table should be configured to have 1 column only.
Then you may now use the Add Data Row activity. In the Add Row activity, set the ArrayRow to {theVariable}.
Finally, use Write Range activity to write the data table in an excel file.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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