Capture data from email body and store in variable

Hi All,

I need your help!
I want to extract a value(Yes or a NO) in cell of a table in email body and store it in a variable.Following is my table.
Can you help me how can i do that with uiPath?

yes you can do it with uipath. Go through the training and you should be able to do it. i do not see any effort in your post in attempting to solve what you are trying to do. Instead you are looking for someone to feed you with a solution.

I think the forum here is to help people,I am not asking the complete code,i am asking the direction for it.If you are not willing to help,please don’t reply to waste my time as well as others.

A forum is for discussion. what makes you think i am not willing to help. So you think it is a waste of time for you to reply my post but have you ever thought that you are wasting my time when i replied to your post.

You mentioned that you are asking for directions but i do not see any effort in you attempting it. Read what you have asked, anyone who have gone through the Uipath courses would have an idea to kickstart this project. Some issues that could be stopping them from completing this task could be not using the appropriate activities or selector’s issue. This is where others can step in to give solutions/improvements on it. Take ownership in your work and show to others that you have put in effort before you commit to a post to ask for help.

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Okay.I am sorry if I have misunderstood you.I have already started with this process. Problem which I am facing is to extract only a table from an entire mail body and put it in an Excel or something.May be I was in a bit hurry to put forth the question.
Thanks for attempting to help,but at the first place saying somebody that I need feeding is absolutely wrong that is what I feel.Anyways we are not here for this discussion,I don’t need any help anymore.Thank you.

m new in uipath
i hv a scenario
i want to extract the data from email and paste it into excel in respective columns
but the subject is frequently changing.(still some of its part is fixed)
can u help me on this?