Capture a list of items (list from an internal softwarte interface)

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I try to apply some actions to a list of elements (i.e. a list of invoices). The problem is that I do not know how to identify/collect this list of elements because I have to query them via a software used in my enterprise (I mean: not an Excel file). How can I identify every particular element of the list? (it could be useful saving each element in a list/vector). Besides, I do not know how to sweep one by one until the list is over. I have used relative scrapping but without solution. Note: I attach an image as example.

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What I do in cases like this is try to find where the table ends.

For exemple, in SAP, eventhough it’s not a real table, when you reach the bottom of the “DT” you cannot tab anymore, so I know, counting the taps, how much lines my table has.

You can find more in the following link

[SAP Automation with UiPath]

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Hi @ecarles!

Great link. It has several tricks aimed to external software like SAP, my software has the same problems. I think it could help me a lot with my issue. I will tell you if I find my solution in your post.

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Let me know how was it :slight_smile: