hello all,
see in first image actually i am trying to scrap name and then click refresh and from the next page again ,I want to scrap name but in between captcha come(see in second image) so how to deal with captcha and go next page and scrap again name, plz guide me

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It is important to note that the captchas are designed to be difficult for robots to solve.
This is basically done to avoid someone automating that app and use the date in it.

These captchas may use techniques such as distorted text, CAPTCHA images that change over time, or CAPTCHA images that require the user to complete a task such as clicking on specific objects in the image.

So it is better handle that part alone manually by introducing ATTENDED BOTS
An attended bot is a UiPath robot that requires human interaction. You can use an attended bot to solve captchas by prompting the user to enter the text.

But still there are many approaches like below which you can give a try

  1. Try using Get Text with OCR.

  2. If Get Text with OCR brings you different output, try using AI activities like Computer Vision.

  3. Lastly, you can also try using pre-built code from the Market place like the Captcha Solver.

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Madhu_Maurya