Captcha Reading

Can anyone help me Please to read this type of captcha.
I am trying azure Computer vision services still not able to automate this captcha.

Please help :pray:

@Anjali_Rani ,
Solving Captcha is a possible with API key. But it is a paid third party service.
If you are just trying to experiment then try with Free Captcha Solving APIs from google search.

If you are working for an application of a client then you need to buy license AntiCaptcha and include AntiCaptcha API code in your Robot Workflow.

Please watch this video from LinkedIn.

Please find AntiCaptcha site as follows:

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Hi can you tell me How we can use Anti captcha in Uipath, I took a subscription but now not an idea how i will use? Please give some solution

@Anjali_Rani , If you go to then there are several ways to utilize by using C#, Java and more… There is a tutorial section how to incorporate this into UiPath work flow by using C#.

Hope this info will be useful.

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