Can't use libraries in cloud orchestrator

Hi all,

We’re having trouble using libraries with the cloud Orchestrator. When using Studio 20.4.1 we can only publish “Process” projects but not “Library” projects as the “Orchestrator - Tenant” option simply doesn’t appear in the Publish to field. This does work correctly in the CE Studio (20.6.0. beta 93).

However in both cases we’re unable to use the libraries in the projects as the packages manager isn’t playing ball with the Cloud Orchestrator. When looking at Settings both show “” as the “Orchestrator host” but that doesn’t get the packages from the Cloud Orchestrator.

Both Orchestrator environments are setup to use Tenant + Internal + Secure deployments for both library & package deployments. And the only difference appears is one using Modern folders (the one which has the 20.4.1 connected).

Thoughts on why one can’t publish and both can’t consume?

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