Cant use Community edition after platform edition expiry

I was using studio community edition succesfully before.

After that i installed Platform version and it also went ok.

But after license expiry of the platform edition, i have uninstalled the version completely and trying to install and use the community edition yet again. But this gives a license violation.

Hiw can i start using community edition again?

Did you delete all data in local app data and roaming app data and program data?

Also try using the regutil.exe program to uninstall the licenses.


I removed all the app data .
but where can i find the regutil.exe for uninstalling licenses?

As i already had uninstalled the platform version earlier, so i dont have the regutil.
I triend installing the platform yet again, but regutil deactivate is complaining that the license is not present

Yeah I have the same problem again now. Only solution I know is to raise a ticket with helpdesk.


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Hi Richard,

If you had trial code before(or a license key) you cannot go back to using CE(Start free). You’re right, contact the support team for a trial extension.

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