Can't upload file in sharepoint

Hi when I am trying to upload multiple files in sharepoint, a dialog box appear,will you replace or keep both the files but when I chose Replace it did not click on the replace button it simply move on to the next file
Pls tell me how to resolve it.

Just try to select Keep Both Option. Then you will get test -copy1.xlsx. Go ahead and remove the test -copy.xlsx file and rename the File test -copy1.xlsx as “test -copy.xlsx” now.

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if after selecting Keep both and it did not click on keep both then what should I do?

@Cuberoot we can CTRL+F of the Original File from Share Point and Get Delete then Try it… I Hope the above Keep Both Should work !!

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To confirm, click Settings (gear icon) on your SharePoint site, select Site Permissions>Advanced permissions settings, click Check Permissions under Permissions tab, enter your name and Check now, check the permission assigned to you. If you can’t check permission, please contact your site admin.