Can't up load packages to the Orchestrator

I’m getting an error when uploading a package manually to the Academy’s Orchestrator.

How can I fix the problem?

Hello there,
Please follow below post.

I couldn’t solve the problem, so I used demo version (, then it worked fine.
Thank you.

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I had got the same error and i tried doing as you suggested.
Deleted project json file, reopened the workflow, new json file got created.

Even after doing this, i see same error again while trying to upload the package.

Btw, I am using community edition.

Try an alternative; Create a new MyGet feed and connect it to the Orchestrator CE.

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I am using for creating tenant. Will the same workaround work?

Hi, I followed these instruction, but it didn’t work.

Naggy, didn’t work so I’m using community edition instead.
Are you enrolling a training? Even if so, it should be fine to use CE.

Try this.