Can't stop process from UiPath Studio

I have the same situation I think this is a bug. it is not possible to stop in debug mode

@Jaume_sg, please DM me the DiagTool report if you still have it.

@ygulas, did you check one of the 3 situations I mentioned above? Please try to kill all the UiPath processes from Task Manager and Start Studio again. If this doesn’t work, please DM me the DiagTool report as well.

Actually I have done these before writing here and it happens almost every time and it makes impossible to develop

Please provide the DiagTool report and we’ll investigate.

Andrei, is this normal while I am doing the certificate examen? Come on, always with problems… It is frustrating…

acme-test was down for a short while, should be up and running again.

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Thanks Andrei!

Hello, me too
I kill UiPath by TaskManager every time.
I use Community Edition 2018.4.0-beta.111
I want to get solution too

Hi @sumire

Please re-install your Studio CE. The Stable version of 2018.4.0 was already released and you should not be using the Beta anymore :slight_smile:

If you were not auto-updated, it is a sign that something is broken with the installation and it should indeed be reinstalled.

My UiPath is not auto-updated, so I re-installed and now my UiPathCE is 4.0stable.
But My workflow does not stop, I have to kill UiPath by TaskManager.

@sumire, please DM me the DiagTool report.

Guys, please double check that you don’t have both the 18.3 msi and 18.4.0 exe. Both msi and exe installed is not recommended nor supported

Almost all the reported issues here were caused by this.


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I had same problem. When I tried to stop 2018.4.1 running it always stucked. Only way to close was force close in task manager. Problem fixed just removing old 2018.3.2 version from installed softwares. I did not even need reinstall 2018.4.1 version again. Thanks Andrei for that message. Should you put some checking for old version? Normally software remove old when installing new…