Cant select subitem from IE menu

Hi! I need to use click activity over IE menu but when I try to click it I cant, it selects the thing behind the subitem I want to select. Can anyone help me please?

If you are just trying to open the IE browser, try Open Browser Activity :

In the case of you really need to use the IE menu, try with send hotkey activity to select the right component and press enter to click it.

yes, the thing is I need to select the option “Run as different user” (see image), so I really need to click it because to open that menu you need to do shift+ctrl+right click over IE item in the menu:

You can do it with just Shift+Right Click on IE on your taskbar, then an ‘old style’ Windows context menu shows up, that UiPath can recognise.



but doest it break the robot when you open the browser with another account then the one it is using?

I dont know, I never tried this :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:


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