Can't scraping SAP FBL5

Hello everyone,
a simple question.
I want to scraping a data from the result to fbl5.
The system tell me “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell”.

I can scraping data from table se16 but not on fbl5.
How can I do?
thanks a lot

HI @Loris_Sambinelli

Can you give me a screenshot, how it looks like in FBL5 for you?

Thanks, Lev

here the screenshot for my fbl5.

hi @Loris_Sambinelli

The best way to export big set of data is to use SAP Native capabilities. It allows you to save the data in the right format.

So, use this option

Then you can perform any further actions. UiPath Data Scraping in such kind of SAP Tables (list tables) is not supported. SE16 gives you SAP GridTable. SAP GridTables are supported for Data Scraping

Best regards, Lev

thanks a lot

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