Can't run automation - Error "You are already running automations from another instance of Studio (Web)"

Hi all, I am new to UiPath and have encountered an issue while testing my first automation.

At first I could run fine and then this started popping up and now I cannot run anything:

There is no other instance of Studio that I could have started it from and according to Orchestrator there is nothing running, pending or otherwise.

I have tried restarting browser and my machine and being new to this am now out of ideas. Any suggestions?


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Check whether the connection to the Assistant is stable and connected?

Can you check in Orchestrator any pending jobs are there?


Thanks for your response.

There were no pending jobs at the time I posted, however, I left it for a few hours and came back and saw one pending job which soon completed. The problem has now resolved itself.


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Hello @ollieparadise
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I believe you are trying to execute the automation from the studio web. Are you directly running it using the run button or triggered as a job?


Thanks for you reply.
The problem is now resolved but you’re right, I was trying to execute from studio web and was directly using the run button.

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