Can't run a process on the automation cloud

Hello community! I need your help, I made a process that starts with a select file action, and I can’t make it work on cloud. When I run the process it seems to work fine (as you can see in picture 1) but when I go to see the details of the process, they all remain with status “pending” (watch picture 2).

What should I do to make it work? Locally, the process works fine, the first action, selectFile(), works well, I can select a file to work with, but here, I’m not getting the same result…

I’m also adding the execution details… It seems that there’s a lot missing…

Execution Details.txt (254 Bytes)


Did you retry again today?

Check if you are facing the same issue again

check the status from if any operational effects

Hope this may help you


The problem remains today, it’s not a thing of UI Path, it’s something related to the configuration of my cloud, or the process, I think…