Can't reproduce tutorial, option missing

I’m trying to reproduce the tutorial “Get Started with Studio X” and I can’t reproduce the “Automate Excel Task”.

On the second step when I want to transfer the data from one Excel file to another one, I can’t select the option to indicate in Excel from the first file.

On the tutorial there is the option to collect it from the previous Excel file.

As a new user I can’t upload 2 images, but on my workshop, I don’t have that option. (Will upload the image in comments if I can).

How can I indicate I want to collect data from a different file?

Except that step, I’ve double the double check and everything is similar to the tutorial.


The screenshot from my workshop.

Some things have changed since the tutorials, they need to be updated.
Now you need to have all excel cards nested, the ‘reference’ is no longer global but only inside the card. so in order to you to see all references on that drop down you need to put all excel cards one in another.

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