Cant record browser back button


I’m going through the tutorials and am trying to record a a sequence from the web.

however, when i try to record the clicking of the back button it just seems to record it as clicking on the browser.

how do i get it to record the actuall clicking of the back button.

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Once after clicking on the browser page (at any spot) with click activity then use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as back
Which will take us to the previous page

Cheers @huggy

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Just record that manually while recording @huggy, then you can add the activity which we have already GO BACK which will get you back to the previous page. I hope you need to use attach browser activity to do all the next steps after navigating to the previous page

If you want to do the recording without stopping while recording, I mean, which I asked you to do manually, press F2, which will stop your recording for 3 seconds so that you can navigate to previous page and continue recording

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