Can't read pdf

FileNotFoundException: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Naresh\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiStudio.settings’.

this error occurs every time I use read pdf or read cell activity.

You need to give pdf file path where it stored in your local folder and mention file extension also


Please check that the file C:\Users\Naresh\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiStudio.settings exists and/or
reinstall Uipath Studio.


I have checked that and yes it does exists and I have also reinstalled the software three times and I have also tried installing the software with the .msi file. Nothing has worked so far I even tried giving the software admin privileges still not working. I have given it .pdf extension as well. Still doesn’t work.

May be your pdf file got corrupted due to any reason that’s why you are not able to read it.

This happens only with the Read PDF Activity?

Have you tried to uninstall or update the UiPath.Excel.Activities and Uipath.PDF.Activities?
Also, please check with other files too, maybe yours got corrupted somehow as @mahima11 mentioned previously.

Yes I have checked for update I have uninstalled excel activities as well as pdf activities and tried re installing them. I have also checked with multiple other pdf files it just doesn’t work on any of the pdf’s I have. So I am pretty sure that the pdf isn’t corrupted. i have also tried other installations of the UI path software.

It also happens with excel. So far I have only checked pdf and excel. I know the issue but whatever I do to solve the issue doesn’t work. The software can’t find the settings file and that generates a file not found exception. However the file does exists and the software has admin permission. The drive isn’t locked or anything.

nothing is wrong with that file. I also checked with other pdf files the issue is still there. nothing comes in the output box.

Try to move the Uipath Settings file to another folder, run Uipath and then move it back to the original folder

Ok. I will try that and see if it works.

no that did not work either. I am attaching the error log file I hope that helps. Studio.html (21.5 KB)

hi, can you plz put your queries in this forum may be you get the right answer.


you need to give correct pdf file path and also need pdf file name look like C:\Users\Naresh\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiStudio.settings\test.pdf