Can't read orchestrator asset

I make new asset type text:
path: C:\Users\vganchev\Documents\UiPath\BG_Invoices_Automation\Data\Input

In config excel file name for this asset: assetPollyICKatalogFileDirectory

When I want to call this path in my reframework it’s saying:
“message”: “Read Range: The sheet does not exist.”

I’m usng in my excel application scope this workbook path:

What I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Veselin_Ganchev
what is the sheet name you have given

ashwin S

@AshwinS2 ,
Sheet names are the same: Sheet1

the expression should be like this
and make sure that the file is closed before accessing
for that use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the process name property as “EXCEL” and then use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE

Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev

You are correct @Palaniyappan,
I noticed when I start to debug.
Start typing my string in notepad and the result was:
It was without slash…

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